Equine Transport Services

Moving Your Horse Safely, and Efficiently

Basic Information

Equine Transport Services is owned and operated by Bob Bennett, Jr.  He is based out of Swansea, South Carolina, about 15 minutes from the capital city of Columbia, South Carolina.  Bob has been an active horseman for over 27 years and has experience handling and hauling all breeds and disciplines of horses.

Hauling Services Offered

The following hauling services are offered for all breeds and disciplines:

*Service to the contiguous 48 states and Canada

*Accommodations for 1 to 8 horses

*Box stalls available

*Specialize is horse show hauls

*Use of tack room for tack, equipment, feed, etc.

**We offer competitive pricing, with discounts available for multiple horses and horse show charters. 

Let us know your specific needs and we will do our best to make accommodations!

 Payment options:  Cash, Check, or Paypal



Truck and Trailers

We have 2 trucks, a Ford F-350 crew cab and a Ford F-450 crew cab.  They are both serviced, cleaned, and maintained on a regular schedule.

For most of our one to two horse local and regional hauls, we use our Exiss SS20 slant load trailer.  It has a 4 foot tack room in the nose.  The trailer is 7'6" tall and has a folding rear tack.  These amenities allow for easy hauling of extra large horses.  It can also be used as one big box stall trailer for mares with foals.

Our trailer for long hauls, multiple horses, and horse show charters is our Sundowner Sunlite 5/6 horse head-to-head.  This trailer is also 7'6" tall and has a loading ramp in the rear and on the side.  There are two rear spaces facing forward that are extra wide and three slots facing toward the rear.  Each slot has a door that closes in front of them with bars to allow for air circulation.  These doors allow for a horse to be hauled in the middle since it is closed off to the others in regular hauling slots.  Many clients prefer to haul extra hay or shavings in this area if there are less than six horses going to a show.  It has also served as an area for grooms to ride in some instances.  This trailer can also be converted into 3 box stalls with ease.

Contact Information

Equine Transport Services

Bob Bennett, Jr. - Owner/Operator

Swansea, SC 29160

(803)206-8989 Cell